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Invitation 2nd MY WORLD CONFERENCE 2013

My name is DR. H. Burhanuddin. I am the Principal of MAN 1 Medan, Sumatera Utara. It is a modern islamic school located in Medan, North Sumatera, one of the province in Indonesia. Our school is also an AEC Network member.

Through this, I would like to invite you, all the members of AEC Network schools in Asia and Europe, to participate in the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL CONFERENCE 2013 in MAN 1 Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia. This event will be held on 24th February to 2nd March 2013. This conference is actually the biennially conference and the continuation of the first one that was held at Millenia Institute in Singapore in 2010. The theme of the conference will be “East-West collaboration: Converging Culture and Nature Issues in the Classrooms

MAN 1 Medan is one of the top notch high schools in Indonesia. It is a modern Islamic school that has an international standardized school certification. Although we are an Islamic school, we have modern perspective and our curriculum mixed between islamic and national curriculum.

This conference is aimed to gather students and educators for educational and cultural exchanges. One school will be able to send a maximum of 5 students and 1 teacher for this event. The details of this conference will be sent after we receive the confirmation from the participants. Based on the theme given, the participants will visit Lake Toba, the biggest lake in the world and enjoy the beauty of nature of Sumatera Utara, orang utan conservation, etc. Participants can also learn to dance a traditional dance, Tor Tor, one of World Heritage by UNESCO. Sumatera Utara is also rich with the different cultures from China, India, and Malay.

Please send us email for confirmation of your participation to info@man1medan.sch.id, or my vice principal’s email asrulyafizham@man1medan.sch.id or Ms. Nina’s email: nina.soeparno@khatulistiwaindonesia.org
          I look forward for your presence in the conference.

Yours Sincerely,
 DR. H. Burhanuddin 
MAN 1 Medan – Sumatera Utara